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Budget and Finance - Oversees the management of the Presbytery's funds.

Ordinarily Meets 6:30pm on 2nd Monday 

Chair - Nancy Cruger, 1st term

Rev. Lory Ryan, 1st term

Bernie Starzer, 1st term

Laura Lewis Emmett, 2nd term

Jan Thyren, 2nd term

Rev. Rhonda Kruse, 2nd term

Chris Vogel, 1st term

Rev. Scott DeCaro, 1st term

Camp Lackawanna - Oversees year-round staffing at camp, the camp budget, and the future of Camp Lackawanna. For questions regarding events, summer camps, summer camp staffing, and for reservations of buildings and grounds contact the Camp Registrar, Wendy Frisby 570-550-2391.

Ordinarily meets 7:00 on 1st Tuesday


Chair - Tierney Ollendyke, 2nd term

Caitlyn Mangan, 1st term

Bruce Jordan, 1st term

Pam Kerns, 2nd term

Lee Carr, 1st term

Erin Viglione, 1st term

Lorrie Loughney, 1st term

Committee on Ministry - Functions to support congregations in calling and working with professional leadership, to act as pastor and counselor to individuals called to leadership in the church, and to facilitate the relations between congregations, teaching elders, ruling elders, Christian educators, and the presbytery toward a healthy and vital ministry.

Ordinarily meets 2:30 PM on 2nd Wednesday

Chair - Rev. Sharan Knoell – FTE – 1st term

Rev. Jeff Hopson, 1st term

Dave Oriel, 1st term

Pat Acker, 2nd term

Jean Biggar, 2nd term

Rev. Adam Demetros, 1st term

Rev. David Brague, 2nd term

Joan Green, 1st term

Rev. Rhonda Kruse, 2nd term

Rev. Scott DeCaro, 1st term

Congregational Empowerment Team (Combined Lehigh and Lackawanna) - The CET’s mission is to empower and assist congregations who wish to engage in a changing world with the work of the gospel; can be TE, RE or laity; 

Ordinarily meets at 10:00 AM on 3rd Wednesday

Chair - Marge Zeigler, 2nd term

Jan Oriel, 1st term

Jan Hunt, 2nd term

Rev. Mark Juengel, 1st term

Leslie Bullock, 2nd term

Martha Cox

Rev. Ed Freeborn

Rev. Joanne Marchetto

Leadership Vision Team - Acts as the board of trustees for the Presbytery. This group oversees overall presbytery operations, including legal, financial, personnel, and polity matters. Coordinates the work of the committees and ministries of the presbytery. Reviews business that is to come before the Presbytery, makes recommendations to the Presbytery, and coordinates Presbytery assemblies. Board members are assigned tasks according to their area of expertise.

Ordinarily meets meets 4:30 PM on 3rd Tuesday of each month


Chair - Dave Oriel

Rev. Rhonda Kruse

Rev. Scott DeCaro, 1st term

Christopher Vogel, 1st term

Rev. Beth Utley, 2nd term

Nancy Cruger, 1st term

Tierney Ollendyke, 2nd term

Rev. Sharan Knoell , 1st term 

Rev. Bill Carter (Moderator)

Joan Green (Vice-Moderator)

Wayne Wolfe, 1st term 

Marge Zeigler, 2nd term

Nominating Committee - Actively seeks candidates to serve the Presbytery and all of the Teams.

Meets as needed

Chair - Wayne Wolfe, 1st term

Rev. Bill Carter, 1st term

Wes Mullen, 1st term

Rev. Bill Samford, 1st term

Judy Smith, 1st term

Personnel Committee (Combined Lehigh and Lackawanna) - Advises Administrative Board and Leadership/Visioning Team regarding Presbytery personnel matters.

Meets as needed

Chair - Rev. Beth Utley

Janet Ney

Kim Miner 

Rev. Karen Kinney 

Lynn Wallis

Nancy Vignau

Dave Oriel

Rev. Rhonda Kruse

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